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Grace Bible College: Development Success

Grace Bible College seemed unable to achieve their goals in attracting new funds for the school. Within three months, Grace Bible College starting seeing a moribund capital campaign spring to life.


Advocace helped Grace quickly re-position its capital campaign and its personnel to maximize the strengths of the development department. more...

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Ideas Sharpen Ideas

Jamie Clark04/10/2014

The most important eleven seconds

Jerry Grimes03/13/2014

The Pain in Setting Goals

Paul Martin03/13/2014

Jamie Clark Joins Advocace

Paul Martin02/23/2014

Too Big To Fail

Jamie Clark02/23/2014

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The Rescue Mission Development Outlook 2013

Rescue Mission Development Insight

Free research

Full of insight and commentary on today's effective practices, The Rescue Mission Development Outlook is full of ideas and thought-provoking strategies to open more donor relationships with rescue missions.

Included in the report: Top ten most effective fundraising initiatives, Ten most challenging issues, Climate for today and the future for rescue mission fundraising and much more. Get your free copy of the study by clicking here.