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Far Corners Missions: Boarding the medical boat in India

When you have a big vision and not enough resources to accomplish that vision, what do you do?

From their medical boat, Far Corners Missions treats the sick. From their leprosy hospital, Far Corners Missions helps heal lepers. Throughout India, Far Corners missions is planting hundreds of new churches shepherded by local pastors.

But Far Corners Missions' vision is far greater. See how Advocace and Far Corners Missions activated donors to help grow income to pursue the big vision. more...

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DonorCompassSM, Advocace’s wealth screening service, gives Christian ministries a way to prioritize their cultivation efforts to raise major gifts and secure planned giving commitments from people in their database. DonorCompassSM can make an impact at any Christian non-profit, such as a Christian university or seminary, camp, missions agency, gospel centered rescue mission, school or broadcaster with at least 1,000 donor records.

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