Talk to a coach about
your ministry goals

Create a plan
to engage donors

Engage your donors
with your coach

  • "We have raised a million dollars for our capital campaign. And we did that in just under 60 days which is miraculous." [Read 88.7 The Bridge's Story]

    Bill Sammons
    General Manager, 88.7 The Bridge
  • "For me it was important that we kept relationships in mind when we presented a project. It’s not about sales, it’s about people’s lives—and Advocace is very ministry oriented..." [Read The Mission's Story]

    Carlos Baldovinos
    Executive Director, The Mission at Kern County

  • "We were at a 20% decline in our Monthly Giving Program from the year before...But after just three months with Advocace we're up 12%..." [Read Carolina Christian Radio's Story]

    Matt Wall
    Development Director, Carolina Christian Radio
  • "[Advocace’s partnership with OURM] has truly catapulted us into the next level of ministry for our organization. Had it not been for Advocace I wouldn’t be as well versed or knowledgeable as I am now about major gifts or formulating relationships with our major donors.." [Read OURM's Story]

    Tanneka Guice
    Development Director, Orlando Union Rescue Mission

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  • James' current donors simply don’t give enough to sustain the ministry long term. He needs help to grow his Major Donor program.
  • Jan thinks that if her donors better understand the need at the Bible college, more will stick around and even give more.
  • Michael realizes that he never accomplishes his big ideas because he doesn't have time. He needs to put a Strategic Plan in place.
  • Barb's ministry has a database, but no information on possible donors. A Wealth Screening tool highlights donors with ability to give.
  • Daniel desires to be a better leader. He knows that having a trusted advisor to push him would be a beneficial step in the right direction.
  • Mary wants to take her ministry leadership to the next level. She feels like bringing in a coach would help her move forward on that journey.
  • David needs his New England community to rally around him as he strives to house more of the homeless in his rescue mission.
  • Steven has many responsibilities and little time to work with national advertisers for promotion on his station. He needs a third party's help.
  • Debra has a hard time getting support from her community businesses. She needs help building good relationships with local business owners.
  • Thomas doesn't feel like his daily tasks support his long-term vision. He needs someone to help him better align his vision and operations.
  • Luke is the leader of a Christian ministry in Florida and struggles to find enough funding with so many other nonprofits competing for donors in his area.
  • Joan is the Executive Director of a ministry in California. And she's ready to get serious about her next hire for the role of Director of Development.