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Sound of Life Tom Zahardnik

Sound of Life Radio struggled to pay their employees, but within a few short weeks their budget grew and employees even received raises.


Advocace worked with Sound of Life CEO Tom Zharadnik to invite more donors to give larger gifts. more...

What we think

6 Takeaways from CMB Momentum 2014

Lyndsay Holly09/12/2014

Major Gift Magic

David Hollenbaugh09/12/2014

Year End Fundraising Success Tips

Jerry Grimes09/10/2014

Mission Driven

Randy Bronkema09/04/2014

Connecting is a Choice

Jamie Clark08/26/2014

Unlock Success with Donor Research

Randy Bronkema08/20/2014

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What we can do, together
The Rescue Mission Development Outlook 2013

Rescue Mission Development Insight

Free research

Full of insight and commentary on today's effective practices, The Rescue Mission Development Outlook is full of ideas and thought-provoking strategies to open more donor relationships with rescue missions.

Included in the report: Top ten most effective fundraising initiatives, Ten most challenging issues, Climate for today and the future for rescue mission fundraising and much more. Get your free copy of the study by clicking here.