Increase Revenue and Reach Your Vision with The 2016 RMDO: Leadership Report

Rescue Mission Development Outlook Leadership Report

God has called you to a leadership position at a gospel rescue mission. But the excitement of this new position probably wore off quickly when you saw the depth of the needs of the homeless, hungry and addicted in your community. It likely didn’t take long before you recognized God called you to a task that you couldn’t accomplish in your own strength, with your own wisdom.

This report focuses on how to help you implement the vision God has given by increasing revenue for your rescue mission. We readily recognize that it takes more than money to fulfill a vision. It requires a strong leader, an engaged Board, a well-led staff, generous donors and faithful prayer warriors. But funding becomes the fuel that makes realizing your vision possible.

This report includes 5 Steps to Increase Revenue and Reach Your Vision:

  1. Formulating Your Vision
  2. Developing a Vision-Focused Plan
  3. Leading Your Vision-Focused Board
  4. Leading Your Vision-Focused Staff
  5. Cultivating Vision-Focused Donors

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