Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions that Advocace consultants get asked most often from Christian ministry and nonprofit leaders

About Advocace
Advocace serves Christian ministries and nonprofits nation wide, including Bible colleges and seminaries, rescue missions, broadcast and media nonprofits, K-12 schools, social service ministries, and a wide variety of other organizations. Our goal in working with these nonprofits is to help them grow their funds in order to reach their vision. Whether that vision includes seeing more hungry people being fed, more homeless people sleeping in a bed at night, or more students receiving an education to become future leaders; Advocace wants to see these dreams become reality. Ultimately, we want to see people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through each of these endeavors. To read more about how Advocace assists nonprofits read "About Us".
Advocace serves Christian ministries and nonprofits all over the United States including rescue missions, mission organizations, broadcast ministries, Bible colleges, seminaries, K-12 schools, Christian social service organizations, and any other Christian ministry that is out there. For more on what kinds of ministries we serve check out our "Who We Serve" page.
Advocace Media, LLC.
Paul Martin is the President and CEO of Advocace.
Advocace complies with state and federal fundraising regulations. We are registered as fundraising counsel in the states where our client ministries serve.
The fees paid to Advocace will depend upon which solutions your organization needs.
In conjunction with state regulations and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability standards, Advocace does not accept a percentage, bonus or any portion of ministry donations in compensation for services.
Careers With Advocace
For more information on careers currently available at Advocace, go to "Career Opportunities".
Advocace wants to make certain that any career opportunity is a good fit with the applicant. Applicants can expect a series of lengthy interviews and assignments to understand if the position and applicant area indeed a good fit. We are an equal opportunity employer.
Media Relations
To get in touch with one of our subject matter experts, request a free consultation and click the box that highlights what subject you are interested in.
Absolutely! Feel free to send your article submission to Lyndsay John here.

If you have other questions about how Advocace could work alongside your Christian ministry or nonprofits, just request a free consultation. It would be our pleasure to discuss the potential for growth of resources and ministry opportunities for your organization.

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