Christian Ministries

Advocace wants to partner with your Christian ministry to help you impact more people with the Gospel.

Christian Ministries

  • I wouldn’t hesitate [to recommend Advocace]. [It would be] really easy to suggest to them they would find trust, expertise and ability to be multi-disciplined and multi-functioned instead of the silos you usually find.

    Doug MuetzelWesley Spectrum Services
  • Scott Schoberg, FAME

    We just crunched the numbers for end of fiscal year and saw an 89% increase in individual donor giving! I'm really excited about the new donors that we’ve been acquiring through appeals and conversations. We’re also excited to see lapsed donors and current donors continuing on or reengaging with FAME in a greater way…We are thrilled with what we’ve been able to do with Advocace!

    Scott SchobertFAME

Ministries We've Partnered With

Christian ministries like yours have the great opportunity to impact people for the Kingdom. We understand that new stewardship opportunities with prospective donors, as well as increasing existing donor's funding is vitally important to your ministry. We at Advocace want to partner with you. We do this through Major Donor programs, Donor Communications plans, and many other ways to help you reach for your vision. We've partnered with many Christian ministries, including:

Reach for Your Ministry's Vision

Take a look at the work FAME and Advocace did together in See How FAME Increased Donor Giving by 89%. We help minstries like yours reach for their vision through Major Gifts Programs, Donor Communications Plans, Strategic Planning, Wealth Screening and more. Look at our solutions page to read more about these.

Also, take advantage of our whitepapers and research, which will provide insight to your daily work at your rescue mission.

Give us a call at (972) 304-1100 or request your free 1-hr consultation with one of our consultants. We would love to discuss your ministry's vision and help you reach for it in whatever way we can.

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