Engage Your Board to Grow Ministry Impact

Want to engage your Board Member's talents and resoures?

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② Engage your Board Member's strengths
Work with your Board to fulfill your mission


You have the opportunity to work with a diverse Board of Directors, who have unique talents and resources that can help your ministry make a greater impact.

Your Advocace coach can work with you and your Board members to focus your ministry's vision by helping you:

1. Rediscover your passion.

If most of your time is spent on fundraising issues, you forget your passion which inspires you to face challenges in your ministry. Remembering your purpose helps you function from the heart of your ministry.

2. Clarify your mission and vision.

Your Advocace coach will ask you to write your mission and vision on paper. This is the first step to reaching clear, measurable, inspired goals that encourage you to move forward when obstacles arise.

3. Discover Board Member strengths.

Each Board Member has talents and resources they bring to your team. Putting those individual strengths to use can engage your Board Members and catapult your ministry toward your vision.

4. Put accountability in place.

You need accountability to push you toward your mission and vision. Your Advocace coach can ask you intentional questions and help you stay on track to accomplish your goals.

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