Board Development

Your Board members can help move your ministry forward.

Board Engagement

As an executive director of a Christian ministry or non-profit, you have the opportunity to work with a board of directors. In our experience, board members come from all sorts of different backgrounds: business owners, business executives, housewives, teachers, and the list goes on. Engaging a board with such diversity can be challenging work. So, the best question to ask ourselves is, how do we do this well?

Board Mission

As a Non-profit Board, your mission is to protect and move forward the mission of the organization. To do the work of a Board well, ensure the organization has a clear view of the ministry’s mission and the members of the board and staff will work together to protect that mission now and in the future. Advocace can help your Board and Staff get on the same page with mission, vision and values.

Executive Director's Role

Board Members have different strengths and offer different resources. As the Executive Director it is your job to find these strengths in each of your Board Members. A few of those personal Board strengths might include:

  • That they enjoy asking for a gift.
  • That they are good at sharing the ministry's story.
  • That they do well at planning events.

With Advocace's help, you can help your Board Member's plug into a role on your Board that allows them to thrive.

Board Resources

A great Board can create unity by working with the Executive Director and staff to share your vision. Here are a few ideas that a Board would do to create this unity:

  • Make a personal gift
  • Understand your ministries fundraising programs and strategies
  • Help thank donors
  • Help clarify prospective donors and open the door with introductions

    Advocace would love to help your Board President thrive in this role of equipping other Board Members.

    Board Impact

    Call Advocace at (972) 304-1100 or request your free coaching call about how your Board members can use their gifts to help grow your organization.

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