Business Development Coaching

Building relationships with local businesses is vital to your station's growth.

Business Support
Why do businesses choose to support some radio stations and not others? Why not yours? Often, underwriting departments simply don’t know how to get involved with businesses for mutual gain. That is where Advocace helps your station.

We come alongside you and your team to attract support for your vision from your local business community.

Don’t Sound “Too Commercial”

Advocace knows how valuable your Christian message is to your station and we want to reinforce your brand and help your listeners and donors welcome the business support you receive. Therefore, we use our decades of expertise to ensure that your business support representatives are trained to find the real vision of local business leaders and merge their vision with your station’s mission and vision.

Best Underwriting Practices

After discovering the uniqueness of your station’s brand and culture, we suggest field-proven approaches for business development that can help your station’s income grow. From underwriting strategy to online and event sponsorship, Advocace helps you build a business support program that complements your brand.

Advocace’s coaches don’t simply train you once and expect you to become an expert. We continue training to help you develop your skills as a team. Your staff will learn to guide potential business partners through the process and help them understand how both sides can benefit from their business’ support.

Hiring, Training and Leading

The point of training and building these business support skills is to keep your ministry alive and growing! Most station managers never dreamed they would manage a group of business development professionals.

From our decades of expertise, we know that change is the one constant. Especially in business development teams. But with Advocace’s training and expertise we will even help you recruit, interview, hire and train new development professionals that can make a big impact for your station.

Accomplish Your Vision

If you would like to talk to one of our consultants about National Underwriting, please give us a call at (972) 304-1100 or request your free coaching call.

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