City Rescue Mission:
Builds Major Gifts

The "We'll get to it when we have time" approach was not growing major gifts at City Rescue Mission of Newcastle, PA. The nonprofit urgently needed to have planned giving options in place for their aging donor base as well as a strategy to cultivate new major donors. Kevin Green, Executive Director, “recognized the need to look into the details and mine [their] database for more information… [They] needed to take it to a new level.” Advocace’s decades of expertise in Major Gift cultivation proved just the ticket.

Working Side by Side

Mary Lee relayed, “We’ve always been cultivating our donors but we’ve never wrapped a structure around it.” City Rescue Mission’s vision to help those homeless and hurting merits great support. Advocace has helped the mission implement MOVES-Management, a structure that assigns specific actions, focused on the donor and not donations. These actions help build relationships with individual donors and increase awareness of the mission’s needs, ultimately bringing the Major Gifts needed for City Rescue Mission to help more people.

“With fundraising counsel many times they’ll say, ‘Well, here’s how you do it. Here’s an outline. Now go do it,’” Kevin says. “We’ve done a number of visits together, David (Advocace Senior Consultant) and I…taking him with me to observe and understand how I’m engaging our donors…It’s great to have feedback immediately after a visit.”

Like Mind and Faith

City Rescue Mission of New Castle, PA has been around for over 100 years. As Kevin Green says, “Here we feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and offer hope in the message of Jesus Christ.”

This ministry provides “more than just a bag of food or a nights shelter” says Mary Lee Green, Development Director. Through their various recovery and feeding programs everyone who walks through the doors of City Rescue Mission hears about the saving power of Jesus. This is why Advocace’s Christian focus played such a large role in why the mission chose their firm.

“I would highly recommend Advocace because the consultants on staff are of like mind and faith with other Christian ministries,” Mary Lee relayed. She added, “We could find a Major Donor coach anywhere…the fact that David and others on your staff are of like mind and faith…is why we would consider hiring someone from your firm.”

Bring Advocace On-board

Kevin said, “When it comes to looking at the foundation of your giving and your donor base and then lifting up to a new level…Advocace would be those people that can come alongside and help and guide and direct. They would be a great partner whether you’re a small ministry…or a large ministry in a large metropolitan location.” Bring your ministry on-board with Advocace today by requesting a free consultation.

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