Camino Global's $8 Million Major Gift Discovery

Camino Global LogoCamino Global had a new identity[i], but a very old and common problem. The database used to track and care for its donors was out of date, complicated, and incompatible with newer systems. 

When Camino Global engaged Advocace, Phil O’Day, Camino’s COO laid it out clearly.  “I hate to tell you this”, Phil explained, “but we have a hard time making any sense of our database.  We have done a thorough vetting of new systems, and have selected one that will meet our needs well into the future.  But for now, I am afraid we can’t tell you much about our current donors.”

How DonorCompassSM Helped

That is where the story of discovery began.  Advocace was able to take their raw data in a simple spreadsheet format, and run it through DonorCompass, Advocace’s wealth screening tool.  The results were simply amazing! 

  • Over half of their Active Donors could give over $25,000 annually
  • 80 Active Donors could give between $100,000 and $10 million

“Since the vast majority of our donors are supporting individual missionaries,” Phil said, “we had no idea that there was so much potential support within our family of donors.” 

Now as Camino Global moves into a Major Donor Campaign for future growth, they are able to prayerfully approach friends of the ministry in an informed and purposeful manner.  Who knew that there was so much more to discover about active donors from information already on hand.

[i] *For over 120 years, the Central American Mission, later known as CAM International, sent missionaries throughout Latin American. With missionaries serving in seven Central American countries, new opportunities were opening to serve Spanish speaking people throughout the world. 

But their name no longer reflected the global scope of the ministry.  In 2012, they became Camino Global, as it resonates with Spanish speakers and clearly describes the global journey of disciple-making and spiritual transformation at the heart of the ministry.

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