Capital Campaigns

"It's not about building buildings, it's about building community." -Randy Bronkema, Advocace Senior Consultant

Capital Campaigns

Community support and Annual Funding play a vital role in the health of your ministry or nonprofit. Capital Campaigns can help you build a community of support around your vision. Advocace can help you bring all of the pieces together.

What are Capital Campaigns?

Often capital campaigns are used to build a building, pay off debt or invest in an endowment. However, we see a bigger purpose at work in examples throughout Scripture. Nehemiah’s vision was not to build the walls, it was to restore the nation. The walls were just a by-product of the vision. David's mission wasn’t necessarily to construct the temple, but for God to dwell with the people of Israel. Just as we see in these stories, modern day Capital Campaigns should create community, revival and passion—not just build a building.

Campaigns revolve around building community. Advocace believes that involving many people in a Capital Campaign brings the most impact. If only one person gives, many miss out on the opportunity to be involved, even if only giving a small amount. 

Capital Campaign Impact

It's possible to build community and your Annual Fund through Capital Campaigns. The beauty of campaigns is that they give you an opportunity to invite people on board and emphasize your passion for your ministry's vision. For example: If a campaign increases donors by 30%, it's likely that those donors will give to your annual fund after the campaign. So, Capital Campaigns have three major benefits:

  1. Funding for a Specific Project
  2. Community Support
  3. Annual Fund Donors

Advocace Builds Your Capital Campaign

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