clip_image002A lot of our fundraising efforts end up broken down alongside the road of good intentions. That’s especially true in the area of cultivating relationships with major donors. We know we should make those calls and schedule those appointments. We might even sincerely want to get the work of raising major gifts done. But too many other things that also seem worthwhile compete for our time and attention.

Engage the Right Donors with Capacity Research

When the work of your major gifts program just isn’t getting done, it’s time to reexamine your strategy and your priorities. Knowing clearly what can be accomplished with a little effort is the best motivator. Too often, cultivating major donors feels aimless, like bailing out the ocean with a teaspoon.

“Even when I go out and spend the day seeing five or six of our donors, I come away wondering if I saw the right ones,” Kelly told me. She’s the VP of Advancement for a small Bible college on the east coast. “I need to know that what I am doing—these visits—are adding up to a strategy that makes sense, that I am actually getting something done. Otherwise, it just seems too overwhelming.”

Solutions to problems like these are complex, but in our work with schools, Christian radio stations, gospel rescue missions, missions agencies and other ministries we’ve seen breakthroughs using just one, relatively simple tool: capacity research.

DonorCompassSM Brings Larger Gifts in Less Time

Advocace uses DonorCompassSM not just to estimate the wealth of your donors, but to give you an actionable plan based on their capacity to give. Using hundreds of data points, DonorCompassSM estimates a gift capacity rating and dollar amount for every donor on your list, showing you how much each person can give. There are seven levels, ranging from the capacity to give less than $2,500 to $10 million or more. DonorCompassSM allows you to save time and engage the right donors to help your ministry grow.

How Does That Help?

Your DonorCompassSM report is easily analyzed and interpreted because it is provided in a format you probably use several times a day, Excel. You can sort your donors by their giving capacity, instantly creating one highly actionable list. In other words, a DonorCompassSM report is the key to blowing up the stalemate of complacency and procrastination by showing you a clear path forward with your donors.

Major gifts happen at the intersection of passion and capacity. Donors who CARE the most and can GIVE the most, are your top priority for visits and asks. Your DonorCompassSM report is likely to show you many new opportunities with people who are giving far below their capacity. We’ve seen $500 annual fund donors turn out to be $250,000, or even $1 million prospects. With DonorCompassSM in hand, you can build an engagement strategy to warm the heart of such a donor so their passion now matches what they are capable of giving.

DonorCompassSM just might be what you need to get going again with major gifts. If you’re interested, call us at (972) 304-1100, or click here.