clip_image002Have you ever tried to do something simple around the house without the right tools?

I’ve got a friend named Brian who works at one of those big box home improvement stores, and some of the stories he tells me are a riot.

“I’ve seen them try to use everything from silverware to bobby pins to bailing wire and duct tape. And it always ends in more trips here to buy what they should have had in the first place,” Brian said. “They start out just being cheap, not wanting to spend anything to get something done, but it ends up costing twice as much to fix it.”

Invest in the Right Tools

I told him the same thing happens in ministry fundraising. A lot of people try to get by without spending a little money to invest in the right tools. Some of them are in fundraising. Other run the ministries or serve on the boards. At every level, I’ve met people who just don’t understand the fundamental truth that you need the right tools to do the job well. Investing in training and outside help can actually help you raise more money. But, donors are smart. They get it, even when some of us don’t.

All donors say they like to be part of the solution to a problem. They didn’t give because they want to see how far you can stretch a dollar, they gave to see you win.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

And donors actually like it when you encourage others to jump on the same band wagon they’ve joined themselves. It proves that they were smart to join you in the first place. That’s why peer to peer fundraising, as illustrated in the classic capital campaign approach, is so successful.

Within the bounds of common sense, spending money to raise money makes sense to most donors. A lot of them hire consultants themselves and see the wisdom in getting an outside perspective and expert guidance. They want to see you and your teams grow, and they want to see your organization move ahead.

Thrift is one thing, but ignoring a clear path to success actually proves to the donor that you aren’t serous about your organization or its mission. So put the duct tape away, and give us a call. We’ll talk through how Advocace can help you put together a strategy to help you grow the income you need to succeed.

Photo Credit: Woodleywonderworks