Donor IntelSM

Helping Christian Ministries and Nonprofits Make Data-informed Decisions

Donor Inteligence

Now with over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States, donors receive more requests from more organizations.  Why are some of your donors choosing to increase their giving to other ministries, but not your ministry?

Today, you have to know your donor before they say yes to supporting you.

Advocace’s DonorIntelSM line of donor research helps you know your donor and make smart decisions on ways to deepen their support of your ministry.  Data-Informed Decisions help guide you to be a better steward of your ministry resources and focus on activities that build supportive relationships with your donors. With DonorIntelSM you will:

  • Deepen donor relationships with your ministry
  • Devise ways to delay or prevent donor lapsing
  • Draw new donors that fit your ministry
  • Decide budget for donor cultivation expenses
  • Determine activities to build relationships your donors
  • Destroy obstacles to robust donor support
  • Develop persuasive cases and messages that connect with your donors
  • Discover the effectiveness of your current donor development efforts

Regardless of the stage of your donor’s commitment, DonorIntelSM discovers keys to unlock greater donor support and lengthen donor loyalty to your ministry. DonorIntelSM gives you strategic insights for growing donor involvement with your ministry.

  • DonorLifeSM research shows why donors make the decision to donate to your ministry. Individual DonorLifeSM Research projects uncover opportunities at key stages with the donor: Pre-Gift, First Gift, Monthly Pledge, and Lapsed.
  • DonorPortraitSM shows what your donors think about your ministry, how to improve the connection and a view of which giving segments are in danger of lapsing.
  • MessageCheckSM helps you know if your brand, case and messages resonate with your donors and motivate donors to action.

Donor IntelSM Impact

Call Advocace at (972) 304-1100 or request your free coaching call about how to make a major impact in your ministry by knowing your donors' passions and interest better.

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