Donor Motivations: Knowing Why, Understanding How

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You love your ministry donors, but what do your donors think of you?  Now you can know with DonorLifeSM series from Advocace’s DonorIntelSM research.  DonorLifeSM helps you discover why donors make the decision to give their first gift, pledge recurring gifts and why they stop giving.

DonorLifeSM propels your ministry’s donor development strategy and gives guidance that helps cultivate ministry relationships with donors at each stage in their growth.  Each DonorLifeSM study of your donors reveals natural connection points to engage your supporters for growth:

  • DonorLifeSM: Pre-Gift. Compare your non-donor databases with your donor file to put your most attractive message and offer in front of new prospects.DonorLifeSM: Pre‑Gift helps you refine your acquisition sources and see strategic ways to broaden the support of your ministry.
  • DonorLifeSM: First Gift. Discover why donors choose to give the first time—and what might motivate them for a second gift. Understand the donor’s choice on amount and transaction method to gain insight on potential upgrade strategies.
  • DonorLifeSM: Recurring Gift. See why donors choose to pledge and fulfill a series of gifts—and then identify others in your file who may be good candidates to upgrade.
  • DonorLifeSM: Lapsed.Uncover why donors quit giving to you ministry and ways you may adjust your approach and messaging to win and retain donors. Identify past donors who are likely to renew.

Each DonorLifeSM study provides a Passion Map that shows how your ministry may align with the existing passions of your donors. DonorLifeSM studies require database sizes of at least 3,000 donors who have given in the past year. Ask your Advocace consultant how DonorLifeSM can help you grow deeper relationships and stronger giving.

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