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You love your donors, but do they really love you?

DonorPortraitSM from Advocace gives you the big picture of your donors—including what they think about your ministry.  You will see donor preferences for other ministries they support.  With DonorPortraitSM you will see what interests your donors to develop strategies for deeper engagement.

You will get a picture of the ministry’s general cultivation effectiveness—and, more specifically, the cultivation effectiveness among four giving segments: major donors, monthly donors, one-time donors and even lapsed donors.

Discover your donors’ digital communications preferences as well as other media that may be good ways to get their attention and reinforce your ministry’s relationship.

DonorPortraitSM shows how to increase giving by aligning with your donors’ motivations and how well your donors’ passions currently align with your ministry and vision.  You will understand how donors perceive your ministry’s progress toward achieving your vision—a key mark for major gifts.

Even more important, DonorPortraitSM can be an early warning system for loss of donor support or the confirmation of the donor’s intent to continue their support.

Simply, DonorPortraitSM shows the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your ministry’s donors.

DonorPortraitSM At Work

When a ministry’s staff saw their acquisition efforts were showing lower response, they called Advocace to discover obstacles that kept donors away.

Although the ministry’s senior leadership expected a specific obstacle, the research showed that another obstacle was repelling donors at a much greater rate.

Advocace’s DonorPortraitSM helped the ministry see a path to welcoming new donors and retaining long-time supporters by making adjustments to their approach.

Get the big picture of your donors—and how you can grow a deeper relationship—with DonorPortraitSM.

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Know Your Donors, Improve Your Bottom Line
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