Make Donors the Hero in Your Communications

"Instead of it costing us money to acquire donors, we actually added names and raised funds
for our work at the same time." -Rich Cummins, The Rescue Mission

Talk to a coach about
your donor communications
② Create a plan to engage your donors
Stay relevant with frequent reports

Do you want to communicate more effectively with your donors?

We can help you write innovative messages that show the heart of your ministry and encourage your donors to support your work.

We begin by understanding your ministry with a pre-launch survey. We ask key questions about style, interest, and what you have done your previous Donor Communications—including letters, emails, events, etc.

Next, we'll work together with you and your team to create a comprehensive donor communication plan to reach your lapsed donors and add more names to your list for donor development. This Plan includes Direct mail, email and sophisticated online marketing strategy and will allow your nonprofit to effectively engage current and potential donors.

Finally, we’ll create regular communication reports to monitor your donor's response to each communication piece sent out. This keeps your communication plan fresh and relevant to your donors.

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Talk to a Coach About Donor Communications