Donor Communications

Centering your efforts around donors will bring in more gifts.

Donor Communications

Pre-Launch Survey

We begin by understanding your ministry with a pre-launch survey. We ask key questions about style, interest, and what you have done in the past in regards to Donor Communications—including letters, emails, phone-a-thons, etc.

Donor Communication Plan of Action

Next, we will work alongside you and your team to create a comprehensive donor communication plan. This plan will outline all your organization's communication due dates and agreed upon quantities. These communication plans will be adjusted each month.

Donor Communication Content

A plan is not complete without the content to see it through. So, you will receive access to Advocace's portfolio of receipts, pledge acknowledgements, solicitations, and lapsed donor contacts. Direct mail, email and sophisticated online marketing strategy are all part of the customized plan that Advocace provides. This content will allow your nonprofit to engage current and potential donors well.

Database Development

How do we begin to maximize all names in your database? Together with you and your team, we will develop a standardized plan for how to reach your lapsed donors and add more names to your list for donor development.


Reporting is key to keeping your communication plan fresh and relevant to your donors. We will work with you to create regular communication reports to monitor your donor's response to each communication piece sent out.

Cost Effective Communication

Our goal in creating your organization’s Donor Communication Plan is to see your annual funding fulfilled. We see time and again that our cost-effective fundraising along with our innovating messaging and package design brings great results, including:

  • Engaging Donors At Every Giving Level
  • Raising More Money from Existing Donors
  • Helping Secure More Gifts In Larger Amounts
  • Identifying Prospects For Your Major Gifts And Planned Giving Programs

Fulfill Funding with Donor Communications

Begin ministering to your donors with your Donor Communications Plan. Just give us a call at (972) 304-1100 or request your free coaching call.

Communicate Well with Donors
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