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How to Improve Fundraising for A Nonprofit Organization – Part 2: The Game Plan

Peter Drucker is famous for saying: “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things,” in his book - The Essential Drucker. While I agree with that, I also believe that success in fundraising is doing the right things, the right way, consistently. There really are best practices, that when applied, will result in improved financial outcomes for your organization. In this blog I’m going to pick out just a few that we should employ as a part of our game pla ...

How to Improve Fundraising for a Nonprofit Organization – Part 1: The Players

When discussing ways to improve an organization’s fundraising efficiencies or capacities, we often begin by looking at items dealing with procedures, processes or policies. But that’s not the best starting point when trying to improve your organization’s funding support. You need to start with the human equation. Very recently I’ve had quite a few questions coming in from ministries wanting to know who they need to hire to either completely turn things around, or to take ...

6 Things You'll Want to Do in Your Major Donor Meetings

After multiple phone calls, voicemail messages, and a few emails over 3 months, you finally secured an in-person meeting with the prospective major donor. This is your first, and maybe your only shot at meeting with them. How do you make the most of this opportunity?

Are you on the path that leads to larger financial support?

There is a path that leads to long-lasting, deeply committed support from your major donors—and another path that leads to short term, infrequent financial gifts. The first path takes time, planning and commitment, but results in a pleasant experience, and a deepening relationship, for you and your donor. The second path is relatively short and usually makes both you and the donor a bit uncomfortable. The path that leads to larger financial support includes these critical elements: ...

Do your Major Donors know the ROI of their gift?

When you invest your money, what are you looking forward to? What is motivating you to take the risk? Clearly, it’s not simply a fiscal duty or responsibility. Isn’t it the anticipation of how this investment will grow over time? The excitement of what kind of changed, or improved future the result of the investment will provide? Well, the same thing is true of the investments your major donors make to your ministry. Unfortunately, way too often we treat the financial gifts as if ...

6 Buying Signs to Look for from Your Underwriting Prospect

Very little can chill a prospective underwriting “buyer” more than continuing to sell long after they’ve made it clear they’re ready to buy. Typically, our weakness in identifying buying signs from the prospect stems from being more focused on telling them what we want them to hear, rather than observing how they respond to what we say or do. Here’s the solution. Determine before you even begin speaking that you care more about them than yourself. 6 Signals Your ...

9 Ways to Increase Your Donors Desire to Give

...A “thank you” being just a single step in the journey of an ever-deepening donor relationship...Here are the 9 ways you can increase your donors desire to give...

Do you want to give to "need" or "vision for growth"?

Let me ask you, where would you prefer to invest your money? In a needy company who is struggling for continued existence? Or a growing company with a vision for even greater expansion? Do you want buy stock in Sears or Amazon? In general, people like being on a winning team. They’re attracted to accomplishment and growth. The excitement of achievement is contagious – but so is the fear of failure. Do you believe it excites donors to give when you use only words that invoke &ldq ...

[VIDEO] How can you make prospecting more effective?

For the majority of development professionals prospecting is a critical element of your job that often isn’t met with much enthusiasm.

Let's talk about is how you can actually make any kind of prospecting much more effective.

So, watch my video for 5 Action Steps that you can start applying today.

How to Earn Your Donor’s Trust

You trust someone when you believe they have your best interest at heart – when they have shown that they truly care about you. If your donors don’t trust you it’s because you have not yet demonstrated that you care more about them than you do their money.

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