Building Your Own Value

thumbs up-eliminate-goodWhat's your specialty – consulting, development, selling? With hundreds of people out there saying and offering similar results to the same customer pool, how do you compete? How do you get prospects to use your services over someone else’s without having to play the price game?

You’re thinking it, so let me get this one out of the way right up front. ‘All things being equal, friends buy from friends…and even if they’re not equal, friends still prefer to buy from friends’. A true statement, but so what?

You’re not going to be able to maintain, or grow, a thriving business on your limited list of friends.

Avoid the Price Trap

Way too many people feel they’re locked into having to offer the best deal, the lowest price, in order to build their business. Do people buy a Lexus, Starbucks coffee, a Cartier watch, Hartman luggage or Berkshire Hathaway stock because it’s the cheapest or on sale? Obviously not.

You can certainly choose to offer your services or your products at the lowest price. There are plenty of organizations out there who devalue themselves and their company to the point where little thought is required for their customers to decide to buy them. If they can sell enough product they can actually turn a nice profit.

However, if your business is based on a professional service (meaning ‘you’) you’re quickly going to run into a scalability problem.

Choose to Create Value

Real value starts with you. You must realize your own value – believe in it – proudly proclaim it. As your confidence in yourself, your abilities and your product or service grows so will your client’s confidence and perceived value in you.

A share in Berkshire Hathaway stock currently sells for over $101,000—clearly a high-value stock. And the value of the company all started with Warren Buffet. Mr. Buffet is more than just Berkshire’s CEO, he’s the face of the company and its biggest champion.

Is there any question whether he believes in himself, or in the value of what he offers?

Look around at those who are highly successful in our industry. What sets them apart? Just that they know what they’re talking about? They certainly do, and they work hard at it. But their biggest advantage over their competition is that they highly value themselves and what they offer. They proclaim it boldly and proudly.

And if they do it more often and with more conviction and confidence than the next guy does—then they often win.

Craft Your Value Message

Translate your belief in yourself and your organization, product or service into your sales message, marketing pieces and every bit of correspondence you send out.

Your message will be customized to fit your specific business, but should sound something like this:

Mr. Client, we’re talking today because I’ve done my homework. You’re not looking for cheap, you’re looking for the best value. You want quality, results and a consistent level of service that you can count on. You won’t find a company that will serve you and your needs more professionally or as thoroughly as I will. My commitment to you is proven results, targeted experience, personal service, and the predictable outcomes you expect. A year from now you’ll still be happy you elected to work with us.

You get the idea. Incorporate value and a strong belief in yourself into your offering—into every aspect of your business—and you’ll be able to eliminate ‘low price’ and ‘deal’ from the equation. Your value, your brand’s value and your customer base will all grow.

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