donor, conversationDo you know what your larger donors very rarely, if ever, receive from the ministries they support? A simple report that tells them exactly what their individual contribution actually accomplished.

Oh, they get reports of what the ministry did collectively. They see a broad-brush stroke of how the ministry “performed” – and a litany of needs that are being met. But they almost never get an individualized accounting of how, or where, their investment in your ministry was either put to work, or what the outcome was.

Imagine how you’d feel if the stock you invested in only sent you a letter containing a broad-brush stroke of how the company was performing, but spent most of the time describing business needs they were facing and then asked you to buy more stock. Not very motivating, is it?

If you want your major donors to invest deeply into the life of your ministry then you’d better start showing them specifically how their donation is generating kingdom-growing, life-impacting dividends. These folks are wired to invest for growth – provide them with a performance report that details just that.

When they see how their decision to invest in you and your ministry is paying off, in specific lives changed, they’ll be much more apt to not only continue to invest, but to increase the level of support. Did their donation go to purchase some specific equipment, cases of Bibles, a van filled with food, or medical supplies? Then take a picture of not only the gift, but the people who received that blessing and hand it to your major donor. Let them know – this, right here, this is what your investment did, or continues to provide, for these specific people.

Note: please don’t just mail a letter to your major donors with a recap, and pictures, of how their investment in your ministry is impacting lives for God – hand deliver it. We are to be about deepening relationships with our major donors and this can become an excellent opportunity for you to reengage with them, one-on-one, to talk deeply about their involvement in the work your ministry accomplishes.

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