6 Buying Signs to Look for from Your Prospect

Very little can chill a prospective underwriting “buyer” more than continuing to sell long after they’ve made it clear they’re ready to buy.

Typically, our weakness in identifying buying signs from the prospect stems from being more focused on telling them what we want them to hear, rather than observing how they respond to what we say or do. Here’s the solution. Determine before you even begin speaking that you care more about them than yourself.

6 Signals Your Prospect Is Ready to Buy

Here are 6 signals an underwriting prospect is ready for a closing question:

  1. Change in Demeanor

    Have they suddenly become more light-hearted? Usually a prospect that has shifted from a “strictly business” demeanor to a more personal one has indicated that they’re genuinely softening to your presentation. You may see a decided shift in their posture or the tilt of their head. 

  2. Altered Actions

    This could include body language (like uncrossing their arms, mimicking your movements, or leaning in, nodding, etc.) – asking their executive assistant to hold calls – not taking a call – turning away from, or turning off, their PC screen – or beginning to take notes. We need to look for a change in behavior that signals interest or approval.

  3. Words of Ascent

    No, I’m not talking about them saying anything like “Why, yes, I want to buy this from you”. Listen carefully to how they choose to respond to you. Are they repeating what you say? Talking in personal terms as it relates to your proposed solution? Do they begin making positive comments about a particular aspect of your proposal or solution?

  4. Commenting on the Future

    If the prospect asks any question regarding future timing – for delivery, set up, time needed, dates, etc. – consider this a good time for a trial close. Any time a prospect makes a comment about how their current situation would be better, or improve in any way, after they’ve already begun using/enjoying your service or product – that is a definite “go” sign.

  5. A Change in Attitude

    Do they switch from using more pessimistic language to using optimistic language? Do their facial expressions show interest or approval? Does their general demeanor begin to soften? The more dramatic the change in attitude, the stronger the signal is that they’ve had a change of heart and may now be open to you making an ask.

  6. Asking about “Next Steps”

    If they make any reference to what the next steps would, or should be, this is rarely just a case of curiosity. It is most often a clear indicator that they’re following along with you and are beginning to mentally ascent to the process moving forward. Whatever that next step is, now is the time to do it.

Too often we are so focused on what we want to say, that we’re missing all the verbal and non-verbal cues that our underwriting prospect is giving us. So, as you’re planning your next presentation, take stock of these 6 possible buying signs and then respond accordingly.

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