Do your Major Donors know the ROI of their investment?When you invest your money, what are you looking forward to? What is motivating you to take the risk?

Clearly, it’s not simply a fiscal duty or responsibility. Isn’t it the anticipation of how this investment will grow over time? The excitement of what kind of changed, or improved future the result of the investment will provide?

Well, the same thing is true of the investments your major donors make to your ministry. Unfortunately, way too often we treat the financial gifts as if the donor is satisfied with just giving us the money.

We act as if they don’t need any feedback or outcome-based follow up information other than a simple acknowledgement or thank you letter.

ROI Reporting for Your Major Donors

And that’s the critical ingredient that’s being left out of most fundraising efforts–the lack of R.O.I. reporting.

Think about the mindset of an investor. They gladly pay for trusted advisors to handle their investment, but they also expect regular, detailed updates. Investors want explanations on the impact of their investment from local, national, or global occurrences.

Your major donors are investing in your organization – your vision and mission. But you will never earn high degrees of trust unless you report back to them the impact that their donations are making.

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