Giving Capacity & Wealth Screening for Rescue Missions

Hidden Major Donors with DonorCompassIn the most recent Rescue Mission Development Outlook reports that we did for rescue missions we asked what portion of the organization’s total funding was coming from major donors (those giving $1,000 or more per year).

The feedback in the survey included a repeating concern: “I don’t even know where to look for new major donors. How do I find them?”  Well, good news. I have the answer for you.

Donor intelligence reports can focus on a number of revealed truths about your donors, including:

  • What They Actually Think of Your Ministry
  • Why They Give
  • Why Some Give More Than Others
  • Why They Stopped Giving
  • What Their Estimated Giving Capacity Is (Unfortunately)
  • Often, this last type of information (Giving Capacity) is lumped into what’s called, Wealth Screening. At its basic level that usually just reveals an individual’s estimated net worth. The problem with just knowing their net worth is you don’t know if that wealth is tied up in un-rented office buildings, and they’re actually extremely cash poor. Or maybe it’s in dividend-bearing stocks.

    Who Do You Run Wealth Screening Reports On?

    First, let me answer another often-asked question: “Who do you run these types of wealth screening reports on? Do you buy a list, rent some names, open up the white pages?” None of those.

    You don’t just want to know the giving capacity of a stranger who may not care at all for your ministry, or even know it exists. You want to plumb the depths of those who already like you. Those who have recently given you a financial gift.

    You want to discover the diamonds in the rough from that list. Those who might have just given you, what was for them, merely pocket change in the past, but who actually have the capacity of giving 4, 5 or even 6-figure gifts to your ministry.

    Who Can Show Actual Giving Capacity?

    “OK”, you ask, “who can provide the kind of donor screening that will not just tell me the wealth of my donors, but also reveal their actual giving capacity?” To be completely honest, I have to brag on the system we crafted at Advocace. It’s called DonorCompass.

    DonorCompass searches 13 different public databases, inspecting over 500 data points on your donors. You receive a spreadsheet report showing you the true gift capacity estimate for each name you submitted. Now you’ll know exactly who to target and what size gift you should be asking for.

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