Arrows_Increase Fundraising Income in 20172016’s fundraising efforts didn’t turn out as well as you had hoped? May I suggest that you consider making a few changes to increase your fundraising income in 2017?

Here are 15 tips that can make a big impact on your fundraising success:

1.     Pick up some inexpensive thank-you notes. Set them on your desk. Write a note and mail it out every time you cross a significant relationship hurdle with your donors. Read more>>

2.     Decide to schedule follow-up calls with your donors on your office calendar. It doesn’t matter if you use the Outlook calendar, or a paper calendar, just make sure you make a note of it so they don’t slip through the cracks.

3.     Can you easily use your donor management software? Enter data? Look up past giving information? Run reports? If not, replace it with something you can actually use.

4.     Identify your top 50 donors. Do you know each donor’s birthdays, anniversary, kid’s names? If not, find out the information and enter it into your donor management system. Now start celebrating the dates and events that are important to them.

5.     Donors don’t only want to know about your ministry, they want to know about you. Can they find out who’s on the ministry’s team from your website? If not, add some personal information about you and your team – and include pictures. Be real.

6.     Can I give to your ministry on your website with just 1 or 2 mouse clicks? If not, fix it so that I can.

7.     Do you know the real reason why your major donors give to your ministry? If not, call them and ask them.

8.      Are some of your important tasks not getting done? Schedule these important tasks on your calendar. Push them to early in the week and make sure you give yourself enough time to complete the task.

9.     Script out the voicemail message you leave for donors, so when you get their answering machine you don’t forget to include any of the important points you wanted to make.

10.  Drill this truth into your brain: Biblically based fundraising is not about asking for money. It’s about ministering well to our donors so they grow in their stewardship and faith in God.

11.  Set up your LinkedIn profile, if you haven’t already. Don’t make your profile about your work history (like a resume). But about your passion and vision for your ministry—and your excitement about the fruit it’s bearing. You want prospective donors to be confident in your leadership and in giving to your ministry.

12.  Identify just 1 thing each month that wastes your time, or drains your energy. Spend that month replacing it with an activity that is productive and empowering.

13.  When talking with a major donor, don’t focus on your needs, or your problems. Focus on the positive outcome their financial gift will have on those your ministry serves. Donor’s get more excited about funding an exciting vision, than fixing a problem.

14.  Get out of the office! Go visit with your donors. Begin building relationships with those whose support keeps your ministry alive.

15.  Spend at least 15 minutes each day praying for your donors. Pray for specific issues for specific donors. You don’t know what your donor’s need prayer for? Call and ask them.

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