See How FAME Increased Donor Giving by 89%

  • “We just crunched the numbers for end of fiscal year and saw an 89% increase in individual donor giving…I’m really excited about the new donors that we’ve been acquiring through appeals and conversations. We’re also excited to see lapsed donors and current donors continuing on or reengaging with FAME in a greater way…We are thrilled with what we’ve been able to do with Advocace!”

    Scott SchobergFAME

Scott Schoberg, Director of Development at Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism (FAME) had the skills and the desire necessary to cultivate donors, but did not have the time. With most of his time spent “cranking out appeal letters and staying on top of projects,” he didn’t have the opportunity to visit with existing or prospective supporters of the organization. He knew that in order to move forward the vision of FAME he needed help.

FAME Meets Advocace

Scott met Jerry Grimes, Senior Advocace Consultant, at a convention and over time they built a relationship. Through discussions with the Executive Director, FAME brought Advocace on to handle Donor Communications, allowing Scott to spend time cultivating major donor relationships.

“The biggest benefit is that Jerry is able to free up time with his expertise. It’s almost like having another staff member that we can lean on,” Scott said. With Jerry taking on the Donor Communications aspect, Scott no longer feels bogged down with keeping projects on task and is free to leave the office for major donor visits.

Now, FAME’s lapsed donor numbers are at an all-time low because of the ability that Scott and the FAME team now has to keep the relationships going. FAME now has the ability to partner with even more medical outreach missionaries who use health care as a platform to share the Good News of Jesus!

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