FreedomProject Education:
A Steady Stream of Income

StreamMore students + Fewer Dollars = A Big Problem for FreedomProject Education.

Next year, FreedomProject Education (FPE) envisions an increase in enrollment by 40%. While most schools simply try to keep numbers stable, FPE has a much larger vision. Recently, several donors have decided to focus their efforts elsewhere, leaving FPE with much less steady income. With a student population made up of mainly homeschool children and therefore generally single income families, keeping tuition at a minimum proves to be a significant factor.

Advocace Comes In

With such high-scale growth desired, FreedomProject Education  understands their need for solid income and a dedicated donor base. This is where Advocace comes in.

David Drake, FPE’s Director of Development and Outreach said, “When I took the job at FPE, I went to my uncle for advice on how to improve in my new role. He made a comment about how Randy Bronkema worked for a group that could help. He put me in touch with Randy.”

FreedomProject Education has a huge vision: “To educate their students like our founding fathers would have…but they do it online.” This organization opened their doors in 2011 with twenty-two children enrolled and has seen significant growth in their four years.

Define Possibilities And Relay Passion

Advocace currently works alongside David and the rest of the FPE team to make sure the organization receives a steady, monthly stream of income. “We’re just getting started on that piece,” says Drake. “We’ve defined the top twenty-five potential donors to go after.” Now Randy is guiding David on how to relay the FPE passion to their current and possible donors.

David Drake has already recommended Advocace to other nonprofit organization leaders that he works alongside. He sees the value that Randy and the rest of the Advocace team brings to FreedomProject Education’s overall growth and impact.

Getting More Donors

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