7 Steps to Maximize Major Donor Revenue

The 2017 Higher Education Development Outlook: Major Gift Report

7 Steps to Maximize Major Donor Revenue

Does the 80/20 Principle (where 80% of your gift income comes from 20% of your donors) or a ratio close to it operate in your Bible college? If so, then your institution is being funded by major donors—even if you don’t have a formal major donor program.

In Advocace’s experience, most successful and sustainable ministries operate with the 80/20 Principle in mind. One of the most important ways to maximize revenue for your Bible college is to start or upgrade your major donor program.

Download 7 Steps to Maximize Major Donor Revenue and discover how to grow or begin your major donor program today. The seven steps include:

  1. No Major Donor Program? Start One.
  2. Clarify Your Vision for The College.
  3. Make Major Donor Cultivation High Priority.
  4. Assess the Giving Capacity of Your Donors.
  5. Assign Each Major Donor or Prospect to A Staff Member.
  6. Focus on Building Relationships.
  7. Contact Major Donors as Frequently as They Prefer
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