Monthly Giving Up 12% in Three Months at Carolina Christian Radio

Carolina Christian Radio Logo“We were at a 20% decline in our Monthly Giving Program from the year before,” said Matt Wall, Development Director at Carolina Christian Radio.

Then, they made the decision to bring on Randy Bronkema with Advocace and begin advancing their mission with Major Gifts and Donor Communications consulting.

Just three months later, Carolina Christian Radio is up 12% from the year before.

Developing Relationships Step by Step

The biggest advantage of Carolina Christian Radio partnering with Advocace has been the breakdown of how to develop more quality relationships with high capacity donors.

“There’s information overload about doing this job,” Matt expressed. “I’ve read and studied many blogs, books, articles and webinars about relating to major donors. But the difference Randy has made is to break down a daunting task into a step-by-step process that works.”

Engaging Our Whole Staff

The staff at Carolina Christian Radio has engaged with Advocace to “find their why”. After discovering why they do what they do at CCR they have developed a set of core values and created goals to accomplish together over the next 18 months.

“It brought a new sense of focus, encouragement and a whole lot more enthusiasm to the staff. We have always had a great work ethic, but this took us from having work ethic to mutual enthusiasm about goals we created together,” Matt explained.

Small Markets Can Grow Capacity

“We’re in a smaller market at Carolina Christian Radio. And I think other organizations in small markets should be encouraged that there are ways to increase your funding with help [from Advocace],” Matt said.

He continued, “Randy has helped us to see that even though we’re in a smaller market we can still grow our capacity. Advocace isn’t just for Atlanta, which is great!”

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