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[VIDEO] What do I need to know before launching a capital campaign?

You and your Board may have concluded that your aging facilities are holding your ministry back from accomplishing your, what do you need to know to plan a capital campaign?

Want to know why your gift income has stopped growing?

One of the most frequently cited reasons for gift income plateaus or decreases in a broadcast ministry is that donors are bombarded with requests for gifts from many ministries. It’s easy to conclude that donors spread their gifts around and dilute their giving to any one organization. But, does research back up this reason? Data from two studies suggests, for most stations, that is not a major problem. In Advocace’s Listener-Supported Radio Development Outlook (LSRDO) 2017 st ...

How can you get your donors more excited about your station?—Part 2

How passionate are your donors about your radio ministry? Do they give every once in a while because they benefit from your programming, or do they really “buy into” your ministry more deeply? One way to gauge donors’ passion is by asking them what priority they place on giving to your ministry compared to other causes they support (other than their local church). In Finney Media’s recent nationwide survey of Christian radio listeners to all major programming formats ( ...

How can you get your donors more excited about your ministry?—Part 1

How passionate are your donors about your radio ministry? One way you can tell is by how frequently they give. Finney Media recently performed a nationwide study of Christian radio listeners to all major programming formats (Why Listen 2018). Most participants in this study were donors. In the graph below, you can see how frequently they say they give to the radio ministry that sent them the questionnaire.   Here are a few key findings: Monthly donors are the most passionate, f ...

Want to know where your major donors may be hiding?

Some of your donors who could give more to help you grow your ministry’s impact may be pulling a “King Saul”. Remember the story? After Samuel had anointed Saul King of Israel, he couldn’t be found when it came time for his public coronation (1 Samuel 9:9-10:22). The Lord revealed his whereabouts saying, “He has hidden himself among the baggage!” Pretty funny, especially when you consider the writer’s later comment, “As he [Saul] stood among th ...

Getting Your Donors’ Money Isn't God's First Priority

God’s first priority is getting your donors’ hearts—and their heads. That may sound strange to development staff members who feel the daily pressure of raising money for ministries.

How Are You Conquering the Donor-base Erosion?

Is the size of your donor-base shrinking, growing or stagnant? According to data in a recent study of numerous noncommercial Christian radio stations, executives report that while gift income is increasing, the number of active donors is decreasing.

How Will You Cover a 4% Decrease in Income This Year?

A 4% DECREASE in gift income? Yes...So, what can you do to minimize the impact of tax code changes on giving to your ministry? How can you be prepared for that eventuality? Here are four steps...

How to Make Acquiring New Donors Feel Less Like Pulling Teeth

Yes, acquiring new donors can feel like pulling teeth, but by using some well-thought-out strategies and tactics, you can manage that pain—and grow your station’s revenue.

“Honey, I shrunk the . . . donor-base!”

You probably remember the 1989 Disney film, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, in which a quirky scientist invents an electromagnetic shrinking machine and accidentally shrinks his kids and two neighbor teens to the size of insects...


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