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How to Lead Like Jesus: The Good Shepherd

As you lead your ministry, you’ll want not only to imitate Jesus in the way you live your life in general but also imitate Him in the way He led His followers.

3 Ways You Can Lead Like Jesus

Would you like to imitate the ways Jesus led others during His ministry on earth?

How Can I Effectively Connect with My Donors?

When a friend misunderstands something you say, do you find yourself responding, "but that's not what I said...or at least what I meant?" Then you try to restate your message more clearly. When that happens you are reminded again that words matter. And it's seldom more true that in our communications with our donors.

[VIDEO] How Can I Improve My Bottom Line by Knowing My Donors?

We know you want to increase support for your ministry and you'd like to get personally acquainted with every one of your donors to increase support. But you know you can't meet each one personally.

How Can I Increase Support for My Ministry?

With more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations nationwide, one of the greatest challenges you face is how to stand out in a crowded field, how to capture the attention of potential donors and encourage them to support your cause. We know you want to stand out and increase support for your ministry.

How to Tell Stories That Will Motivate Your Donors to Give

Are your donor communications fundraising appeals evoking sympathy, compassion or concern in your donors and moving them to action?

Make the Most of Your Donor Communications with Storytelling

In a recent study of donors who give to Christian ministries, we asked donors in what kind of situations they were most likely to be prompted to call or go online to make a gift.  One of the top “giving triggers” was when they heard a story about someone whose life had been changed as a result of the ministry.

How to Prepare for Possible Cuts in Your School's Government Funding

During Summer 2016 a California legislator dropped a bomb on the Christian college community across the country. In the bill, the legislator proposed several measures that would cut state education grant money to students who attend colleges with discriminatory practices or beliefs. The measure was directly aimed at those colleges whose views on human sexuality are contrary to those of state leaders. After a public outcry, the bill was withdrawn, but the legislator warned that further legislat ...

How to Improve Your Christian Station's Bottom Line

Eric, a friend of mine, was driving home one evening listening to a fundraiser on his favorite listener-supported Christian radio station. He picked up his cell phone and made a pledge to the station. Because he mentioned he worked with me on a church mission trip, I was notified of his gift. When I called to thank Eric, he said he had been listening for years and “felt now was the time to give.” Download Abundant Harvest: Growing Your Major Gifts Program>> God Prompts Givi ...

Part 3: How Do I Draw the Right Conclusions from My Ministry's Research?

In Numbers 13, ten of the spies focused on the ferocious people in the land of Canaan. But Joshua and Caleb focused on who God was and what he could do in spite of all of those challenges. They drew the right conclusions and didn’t let fear hold them back. You can watch the first two videos here: Part 1: Why Bother with Research in Christian Ministries? and Part 2: How Can the Right Research Questions Expand My Christian Ministry? Now, watch Part 3 for more on drawing the right conclusi ...

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