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4 Steps to Team Accountability that Will Impact Your Bottom Line

In recent interviews about donor development, presidents of leading Christian ministries either used or alluded to one key concept: Accountability. They specifically felt concern with the perceived lack of accountability in many organizations’ major donor development programs. If we find factual truth to the presidents’ perceptions, it points to the lack of understanding that accountability is a fundamental concept through the Scriptures. We see examples in Scripture—from God ...

Part 2: How Can the Right Research Questions Expand My Christian Ministry?

If you ask the wrong questions, then the answers aren’t helping you move in the right direction. Those answers to wrong questions may not be leading you to serve your donors and those you minister to any better than before.

Watch my two-minute video for more insight on how asking the right questions will help expand your ministry.

(If you missed “Part 1: Why bother with research in Christian ministries?”, you can watch it here.)

Part 1: Why Bother with Research in Christian Ministries?

Knowing how to better understand and work alongside your donors and those you serve is very important to your organization. Watch my three-minute video below to hear why I believe research is a great way to gather the knowledge your ministry needs to understand and serve better.

Then, visit our Donor Intelligence page for more information on how knowing your donors' better can help grow your ministry and build deep relationships.

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Why Am I Excited to Work with Christian Ministries?

I believe God has called me to serve Christian nonprofit organizations. And I can’t think of a more exciting line of work. Watch my two-minute video below to hear more about why I love working with Christian ministries.

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How Spending More Can Make You a Better Steward

One of the great benefits of working at a Christian nonprofit organization is that many staff members want to hold down costs. They do this because they want to be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to them. But sometimes spending more money is a sign of good stewardship. Once, while working at a Christian nonprofit organization I asked an IT specialist to purchase a small enhancement for our database management system. I wanted to purchase this enhancement to improve service to o ...

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