How can you get your donors more excited about your ministry?—Part 2How passionate are your donors about your radio ministry? Do they give every once in a while because they benefit from your programming, or do they really “buy into” your ministry more deeply?

One way to gauge donors’ passion is by asking them what priority they place on giving to your ministry compared to other causes they support (other than their local church).

In Finney Media’s recent nationwide survey of Christian radio listeners to all major programming formats (Why Listen 2018), donors were asked what priority they place on giving to the ministry that sent them the questionnaire.

Priority of Donor Giving to Ministries

Here’s how they responded:

“Aside from giving to my local church, giving to this ministry is my . . .”

Priority of Donors' Giving

Observations from Donors’ Response

  • 77% of the donors said the ministry in question ranked among their top three priorities.
  • Only 27% said it was their top priority.
  • There were significant differences among donors’ priority for giving, depending on the format of the stations they listen to.

4 Ways to Get Your Donors More Excited

In Advocace’s experience, you can influence donors’ passion for the ministry is several ways, including:

  1. Sharing Your Vision for the Future.

    Insure you have not only shared the mission of your radio station but, more importantly, your vision for the future. Your vision is best stated in terms of what outcomes or impact you expect from the ministry.

  2. Communicating the vision clearly and regularly.
  3. Telling stories that demonstrate how you have fulfilled that vision.
  4. Making sure the quality of your ministry is excellent.

    This includes your on-air content (whether music or teaching), your community involvement, your interaction with listeners, etc.

  5. As a subscriber to the Why Listen 2018 study, you received a programming tabulation from Finney Media. Advocace can provide a custom tabulation for your donor segments to understand how to grow your income. Let us know you’d like to talk by scheduling your Free Coaching Call >>