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How can pride (not weakness) keep you from leading well?

Why are we often so unwilling to face our weaknesses or consider other's feedback when we know it will help us become better version of ourselves?

How to Move from Fear to Love in Your Fundraising

Often it feels like fear is driving us out instead of love driving out fear...Let’s rethink what development is honestly about and start to see donors as a major part of our ministry...

[GUEST BLOG] 3 Keys to Authentic Relationships in Development

We’ve all heard it said that the key to good development is relationships. But what’s the key to good relationships? My answer, authenticity.

How Does the New Tax Law Offer You Freedom?

...the new tax law. The concern, for fundraisers especially, is that the new tax bill will make it even harder to itemize and people will not be as motivated to give.

[GUEST BLOG] How does quality programming affect successful fundraising?

Once upon a time there was a farmer who slept through the entire Spring and Summer seasons but woke up in the middle of Autumn and proceeded to harvest his crops. Ok, not really. 

4 Steps to Know Your Major Donors Better

Many Christian non-profits find it challenging to convert names in their database into major donors for their ministry. So, how do we find and cultivate larger donors from our existing donor database? The answer is prospect research.

5 of the Biggest Donor Communication Mistakes

Do you feel like your fundraising efforts are falling short?

If you answered yes, then stick around for five of the most common mistakes non-profits make and simple change you can make that can have an immediate impact on your ministry.

How to Define Governing Values and Make Better Decisions

If you study Paul’s life, you can find the principles that made his mission work. Paul's mission worked because he was anchored by the values he held. No matter what opportunity or distraction came into his ministry, he had high values that were non-negotiable to help guide the decisions he made in his ministry.

How to Write Letters that Move a Donor to Action

Commit today to take one step to generate more results from your letter writing efforts!

How to Steward Donors Like You Steward Their Gifts

Giving is about stewardship. And stewardship is, by definition, the job of taking care of something.

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