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How to Prepare for Capital Campaign Success

How to Prepare for Capital Campaign Success

The key to your successful capital campaign is sitting in your boardroom. However, I cannot tell you if they’re ready. Sometimes I meet with ministry leaders that have forgotten the incredible opportunity the board has to impact their organization in tangible and profound ways. Many times, our boards get so focused on the day to day and other board duties. And we forget they were assembled to protect the mission and lead your organization to its fulfillment. Have you forgotten what ...Read more »
[VIDEO] How do I unify and engage my board of directors?

[VIDEO] How do I unify and engage my board of directors?

Board of Directors. Just saying this name can induce all kinds of emotion, ranging from great discouragement to great inspiration. But, as a non-profit executive director, you have a great opportunity to set the tone and strike a balance that will allow you to productively collaborate with your board in the best interest of the ministry. Here is a list of things you can begin focusing on right now to help you change the tone of your board meetings...

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