It has been proven time and time again by fund-raising experts that it is a vision that will capture the heart, soul, and resources of a major donor.  We know this, but when was the last time we talked to our boards about the vision for our ministries?  Even more importantly, when have we ever asked our major donors to critique that vision?

Do you realize how many resources we have at our fingertips – for free?  Experience and insight that will make us more effective and give our ministries vibrant vision that others can step into.  All of these assets are sitting in the donor pool that we have right now!  And, by including our donors in the process we gain access to their gifts.  Think of it, successful business people, entrepreneurs, professionals – all in our circles, all with the potential of vesting into our ministries for FREE!

We have an opportunity to allow our major donor community to help us develop, critique, revise, and ultimately get excited about our vision for the future.  Once we have invited them to help own the vision, asking them to support it is natural.  People support what they own.  Wow, free help and money?  I love this vision fund-raising thing!

Wait…I know what you are thinking.  “This is my ministry. I put together this vision.  I did the work and sold the board on a vision that is already in place.  Now you are asking me to get major donors to critique and even change it?!”

You bet I am!  God wants our ministry to include His people.  David had to get a whole nation involved in building the temple.  Think about all the organizational and vision development Nehemiah had to put together to get God’s people to own the project.  Our most critical job as leaders is to get people involved and make them owners in our ministries.  It might mean facing some hard times about the vision that is in place, it definitely means looking at it through another person’s eyes.  Is your vision one that donors understand, appreciate, and could help implement?  You will never know unless you ask.

The more people that have vested ownership, the greater impact our ministry will have in the community.  We have to stop hiding behind our microphones, or in our offices.  We cannot pretend that we are too busy, or have something more important to do.  It is time to get our there and create owners!  If you need help, ask!  We are here to help you.

Don’t you think it’s time to start?