Don’t let a bad economy keep you from your vision!

I don’t have to tell you that our nation is going through a stagnate economy.  When our economy falls and then stalls the way it has, it makes it very easy to retreat and worry about the day to day needs of the operation.  When we take a stagnate economy and mix it with our worry we soon find that our ministries become about today.  We forget to dream about tomorrow and then find ourselves and our ministries as stagnate as the economy we are in.

Please don’t let that happen to your ministry or to you!

In your role as a leader it is important that you remember economies will rise and fall.  In every economic climate there will be people who are capable of making major gifts to your ministry.  Force yourself out of the office; spend time tracking down these individuals and share with them your vision for the future.  You will find – without fail – great things happen when you get moving.  Return, as frequently as you need to, to the stories God left us in His Word and remember how big your God is.  Don’t let worry become your idol.  God is much more suited to that throne!

Believe that when major donors see your confidence and passion they will listen!

Talk to current and potential donors.  Be bold and ask - “What motivates you to give?”  Find out what programs these people are passionate about.  Work with them to help them discover those passions and don’t be afraid to connect them to that cause, even if that cause is not your ministry!  We are in the business of getting Christians excited about giving to the work of our Lord Jesus Christ!  Trust that God is at work!

Remember this:  Our God will never be stressed out by – or even slowed down by – a bad economy!