If you have a project or campaign that you need to have funded, push yourself to be purposeful about your approach. Donors are just like you and I, they get stuck in the same rut of giving and need to be challenged and energized from time to time to consider giving more. Let me encourage you to use these five key factors - whether you are planning a new campaign or in the midst of one. Focusing on these things will energize everyone, including yourself, to believe for bigger things!

  •  Initiate Donor Involvement: Donor participation is critical so be willing to start the conversations, and then LISTEN! Hear what your donors are saying about how they could further your organization’s mission. Then invite the most passionate to join you in a partnership to bring those ideas to life!

  • Inspire: When planning a campaign or a project, consider a request that is bold and idealistic. Goals grounded in realism may seem less exciting to donors and they won’t stand out among competing requests. Dream about what you can do, what this campaign could accomplish and the lives that could be changed forever. You will find a renewed sense of commitment from those that believe they are a part of something bigger than themselves, and you will remind yourself why the work that you are doing day in and day out is so important.

  • Create a Sense of Community: Major donors are eager to be part of a community of their peers. Look for ways to foster a sense of connection among donors. Some ideas that come to my mind right away are using project literature or making introductions at special events. Brainstorm with your team on additional ways to bring donors together by the mutual concern they share. It will be a good activity for your team and will have great implications for your organization!

  • Practice Flexibility: Your campaign or project should be open to gifts in numerous forms. Creative thinking can make “bigger” gifts more likely. Avoid requirements about the specific ways donors must contribute.

  • Challenge the Framework: A project or campaign should push donors outside their comfort zone and get them to think big. Don’t be afraid of a “No”. It is true that sometimes our donors are right where they are supposed to be, but it is also true that many more are not. Many long to be doing more, they just have never taken the time to think about it or have never been challenged to consider it. The vision for your ministry is real. Don’t stop pushing the boundaries and moving toward opportunity. God will be faithful to open and close doors and all the while He will be busting the framework of stale and stagnant lives and reminding us all that through Him EVERYTHING is possible!