Tell Your Donors How Their Gift Is Being UsedWouldn't it be great to communicate to our donors the achievements that their monies are directly supporting?

Each year my wife and I give faithfully to our local church. We also give to a few other Christian non-profit organizations that are important to us. I am amazed that we typically receive no information about how those organizations are using our money to further the kingdom of Christ. And I would love to hear how my gift is being used!

I have seen some non-profits produce an annual report that talks about the organization’s overall happenings, achievements and challenges. And while this is an important document, there must be less expensive, more effective ways to communicate to our donor community.

What to Include in Your Donor Report

Let’s brainstorm some things we could include in this type of report:

  • Gifts That Helped Accomplish a Particular Goal 

  • Names of Donors Who Gave at a Higher Level

  • How Gifts Were Used

  • A List of Volunteers and Teams That Helped Make Our Year a Success

  • Recognizing and Thanking Board Members 

  • Include Sponsorships or Underwriting That Were Made During the Year

  • Corporate or Foundation Grants that warded

  • Status of Challenge Gifts and Results

People want to know how we are doing. And just as importantly, people want to know how we use their donations to make a difference.

Brainstorm with your team on the best way to tell your donors how their gift is being used. Add it to your action plan for development and make it happen! I can’t wait to hear how your organizations accomplish this goal and reach out to your donors. Remember how important it is for your donors to understand that their gifts are being used, and that they do matter. Letting them celebrate with you all the ways that God is moving in your ministry and accomplishing His goal to reach the world for His name, is a perfect way to show that!

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