How do we create a culture of giving back? How do we do it? How do we not only keep our doors open but actually reach the community like we were designed to? The effort of ministry requires money, lots of money, so How do we raise those funds? How do we get prospects to take the next step and become our donors and partners?

I have a fear growing inside of me as the recession clings to our economy and more uncertainties creep into our every day. My fear is that humanity is the strongest voice we hear and the loudest voice we listen to, even when we are at the helm of ministries purposed and created for the glory of our very real God. More and more I am seeing Christian nonprofit organizations turn to manipulation to gather the funds necessary to live another day. This reliance on the contrivances of man is resulting in tired employees and passionless donors.

Christian Nonprofits: Great Leadership Required

A great leader is able to inspire people to act. A great organization is marked by leaders who believe in their “why” and inspire those around them to believe as well. Great leaders enlist donors in their cause by communicating the ministry’s purpose, its “why.” When the ministry’s purpose matches the core Christian values of donors, there is connection. It is then that the ministry’s “why” resonates within a person’s heart. This shared sense of purpose is what motivates donors to take action. The gifts which committed donors make rarely have anything to do with any external incentive; it’s all about the condition of the heart.

Support for Christian Nonprofits: It’s Personal!

People want to follow great, purposeful, biblical leaders because they also believe, and they see in your ministry a purpose worth supporting. In this light, their actions, their gifts, and their sacrifices are deeply personal. Those inspired are willing to pay a premium, willing to endure inconvenience, even willing to experience personal suffering. Christian nonprofit leaders who inspire are able to establish a following of people – donors –who act for the good of the ministry because they want to.

Hungry for Inspiration; Desperate for Purpose

Where is the inspiration and purpose? One place must be your ministry. Studies show that over 80% of Americans do not like their jobs. This 80% statistic is the same for Christians who work in Christian non-profits as well. If more knew how to build organizations that inspire I believe we could live in a world where 80% of Christians love their jobs. Can you imagine the testimony to the world if that were the case?!

If you are not creating that sense of inspiration, or it is lacking in your organization, take pause. Dream a little about the inspired and inspiring organization you long to be a part of, the organization you would love to tell others about. Remember, what creates a culture of giving is inspiration. This is a pause worth your time.

Summary: Leaders of Christian nonprofit organizations must provide inspiration to the ministry community if they expect enthusiastic support through both financial and human capital

I would enjoy hearing your response to this blog. If you are interested in talking about your ministry and opportunities for generosity, or if you need assistance in finding your inspiration please email me at or call me at 616-662-1953. Thank you for becoming a part of the conversation!