Every day we wake up and every day we manage. We manage our schedules, our families, our jobs, our budgets, our obligations. It becomes routine and then we become routine, defined by our jobs and our not our hearts. Satan has us so caught up in the worries of the day; it’s hard to imagine doing anything else.

So what is the answer? Can anything really be different?

You better believe it can!

The answer is found in the first question I ask anyone I am consulting or coaching: “What is your purpose”? This is such an eye opening question to start with, though I am sometimes shocked by the responses I get. Sometimes it is a theological statement or a long drawn out theology hidden inside of a website. Some organizations do not even have one. Some organizations know that they have one written somewhere, but they are not sure what it is, and more to the point, they are not sure why it matters.

Whether it is a mission statement for our lives or for our organizations, we have to know our purpose. The words need to come off of the wall, off of the websites and be the functioning test that every activity we invest our limited and valuable time is measured against. If the mission statement is not real in the organization daily life, then why does that organization exist? If it is not on the hearts of the people working every day, then why do they come to work?

You must bring the mission statement off the wall!

Our mission should be on every agenda of every meeting. We should be able to answer, “How has this meeting moved our mission forward?” At our board meetings, “How has this board meeting moved our mission forward?” We need to be challenging our employees to live out the mission in their daily activities. We need to hire people, NOT to fulfill job descriptions but rather, to help our organization fulfill its mission!

Raising funds for our organizations is a matter of connecting our passion with the passions of others. If our donors and prospects see and understand our true passion because it is being lived out in everything we do, and that passion matches their passion, they will give and I mean give!

Everyone needs to know that they are here for a purpose, everyone is looking for something that matters; we all need passion in our lives. Our prospects want us to show them the passion they are craving.

Let’s bring our mission statements off the wall. Let’s do it for our families, our board, our employees, our donors, our prospects, our friends. But most importantly, let’s do it for the grace that has been given to us so freely. And as God has given to us so freely, let us give our missions and our gifts so freely back to Him.

Join the conversation! Let me hear how things are going as you begin to implement your mission statement into your everyday!

I would enjoy hearing your response to this blog. If you are interested in talking about your ministry and opportunities for generosity, or if you need assistance in finding your mission, please email me at or call me at 616-662-1953. Thank you for becoming a part of the conversation!