I wish we didn’t have to do “fundraising!”

I hear this statement almost every day from the managers and directors of the nonprofit organizations that I work alongside. These people have a passion for what they do, but need to “fundraise” in order to do the work they believe in; work that is changing the world.

Can you relate?

You are sitting in a meeting, looking for new and fresh ways to present this year’s share-a-thon and prepare your direct mail. Year after year, you begin your planning season by asking, “What types of fundraising should we organize?”

Planning fundraising events proves crucial for success, but it is equally important that you stop and consider why you fundraise. Maybe the question we should be asking is, “As a Christian, what does fundraising mean to me, my team and my ministry?” You must decide if fundraising simply falls in the category of a “necessary evil” or if it something much more important.

As the leader of a non-profit organization, the first thing you must realize is this– asking for money is spiritual business!

God’s Money, Not Yours

Anyone who serves God faithfully understands that the resources man receives are not his own. When God led you to the organization where you serve, he knew it would take a team to make it work. Some of that team works in your office, most of them do not. The rest of your team waits at home, longing to be part of something. Think of the blessing that is waiting for that person when they take part in the ministry that you know God orchestrates!

Every man in the world is looking for purpose. If you want your ministry to expand and you desire to feel the excitement and passion you felt when God called you, change the way you think about fundraising. Then, change the way you do it. It is time for you to get out there, meet your donors, your listeners, and your friends. Your ministry is bigger than you know. You will hear and be blessed by what God is doing in the lives of those who are called to be a part of your ministry.

Ministry in Fundraising

A station manager and I met with an owner of an electrical contracting company. As we talked we found out that he was having family issues. We encouraged him and prayed together. We were doing ministry! At the end of our conversation he asked how he could help us—music to a fundraisers ears. That individual gave the ministry a check for $10,000. We were blessed and he was blessed. What an amazing God.

Your greatest ministry is going to be with the people who want to support you. Those major donors need a friend, a counselor they can trust. Those people, just like all people, need an equipper who can add value to their lives. You have a great opportunity to be a part of that.

Begin a new way of fundraising, embrace the spiritual opportunities that fundraising offers. Maybe as fundraising changes into something deeper for you, you will catch yourself embracing the blessings that God holds, and you will begin to say “I love fundraising!”