Do you go to work in the morning and feel, well, like you are going to work?

Remember when you first took this job or started your organization? Remember how excited you were, how hopeful and inspired you felt?

Sometimes I have trouble staying there. Sometimes I forget to remember the yesterday that started this whole thing. Sometimes nothing seems as important as getting to the tomorrow that never seems to come.

Stop and Think

The other day someone encouraged me to stop and think about what it is that drives me to complete my right now. What focuses me to look forward with expectation to what is next? What is it that gives me the courage to keep dreaming?

That thing is my mission. Whatever that thing is for you is your mission.

Power in the Questions

· Why do we do what we do?

· Why is what we do so important?

· Why do we exist?

· Why did God place us here?

· Why are we to accomplish this particular task?

We can find so much perspective, wisdom, and hope that comes through answering these questions. I get excited just talking about “the why” or our mission. Discovering our mission unlocks the power to raise the funds to accomplish our ministry’s vision. That power comes because in discovering our mission we align ourselves with God’s vision for our identity and calling.

This concept can seem so basic sometimes that we run the risk of minimizing its power. What a mistake! I have seen many organizations falter because they don’t know why they do what they do.

We can be so tempted to “just get things done.” “Work harder.” “Do more.” But if not for a specific purpose, then why?

Do you know what I find with the organizations that don’t know their purpose? They burn out, or fade away, or lose there “doing leader” and the entire organization stalls and struggles. I cannot caution us enough to value the purpose above the hard work. Hard work is crucial but without a clear mission to drive it; it will not live beyond its own effort.

Mission Leads to Longevity

If someone tells you to go out and run every day because it is the right thing to do, you might do it for a while. But if that person stops running, the majority of us would stop too. However, if the order to run is from a doctor that says you will die if you don’t take care of your heart, you will run. You will keep running because you have a reason for it!

I hope that you will take some time today to answer those questions for yourself and for your organization. What you are doing is important and if you really believe the mission, and let it drive your work and your decisions, you will start seeing mountains move!

If you need help discovering your mission, call me. We will work through this together. Helping you discover your mission happens to be my mission and knowing that makes all the difference in the way I “go to work” in the morning.

I would really enjoy hearing your response to this blog. If you are interested in talking about your ministry and opportunities for generosity, or if you need assistance in finding your dream please email me at or call me at 616-662-1953. Thank you for becoming a part of the conversation!