Disappointed Phone Call

Here are some amazing statistics about our donors by Growing Philanthropy in the United States (Adrian Sargeant):

(Out of 100 donors)

  • 4% move away or die
  • 15% decide to make gifts to other organizations
  • 15% are unhappy with our organizations
  • 66% think we don't care about them or believe that their gift wasn't meaningful to our organizations

These are not very uplifting statistics. Let’s examine why donors feel this way. Then we can determine to be the generation that changes the numbers!

Engage in Relationships with Donors

These numbers demonstrate that we are not building relationships with those we call on for help. I cannot stress enough the impact that building relationships will have on our donors and our organizations. When we engage in relationships with our donors we hear that they give because they believe in our mission. They desire to be a part of something real, something that makes a difference. Our organizations reach farther than we realize. And we need to make the decision to put the donor’s needs before the organization’s needs.

We, as a Christian non-profits, should prioritize communication with our donors. We need to pick up our phones every day to thank and listen to them. And then we need to make sure our teams do the same. As we do this we will grow as leaders, our donors will grow in purpose and in meaning, and our organizations will grow in numbers and effective outreach. This one simple thing will separate our thriving organization from those that flounder.

Update Your Donors

As we commit to improved communication we should also send updates between asks. These updates show donors how our organizations strive to accomplish declared goals. Updates also let them in on the programs they help support. By doing this, we show them that they are important enough to know what is going on even when we are not asking for something in return. We communicate to them that we are serious about what our organizations are doing and willing to be accountable for the goals that we have established and have asked for their help to meet.

By picking up the phone and updating our donors, we build confidence and loyalty. Our organizations will not be bound to the statistics above. Our donors will talk to others about the work that we do, making our work lighter and more far reaching. Our donors will stay with our organization for years to come because with us they are more than a given dollar amount. They will know that with us they are making a difference, with us they are cared for. It’s always about the relationships. So let’s focus on the one thing that will change everything!

I would really enjoy hearing your response to this blog. If you are interested in talking about your ministry and opportunities for generosity, or if you need assistance in finding your ministry dream please email me at randy.bronkema@advocace.com or call me at 616-481-3646. Thank you for becoming a part of the conversation!