Before Hiring the Top Talent

Sometimes we get short sighted, and start asking questions at the moment we need them answered. Conversations about hiring the top talent and the best bet for the future should happen before you are ready to hire. Here are four questions you can use to help:

  1. Are we building great leaders?

    Are our current ministry staff members growing, developing and becoming better because we lead them well? Are we creating an atmosphere in which others get to use their creative energy to add to the dream? Great leaders build great people.

  2. Am I a strong leader?

    Am I a practical dreamer—a person with an original but attainable vision? Do I keep others focused, eliminate distractions, and keep hope alive in the face of setbacks and stress?

  3. Do I love talent and know where to find it?

    Sometimes they find you. When you have built a place full of promise and energy, where they future is being made—that place draws talent.

    But, don’t just wait for good people to find you, go find them. Always look for people who can make your ministry’s vision a reality.

  4. Are we on a mission from God?

    So many times I see mission statements in leader’s desk drawers and not in their hearts. Get those mission statements out of desk drawers and on every wall of the ministry. And start recruiting people for a crusade, not a job.

How to Pay for the Talent

Once you answer the questions above, then consider how to pay for the talent that will give your vision legs. Like anything else in life, now is the time to dream up solutions. Here are three ways that can get you started:

  1. Build a Second Budget

    Start with a budget that includes your expenses and forecasted income. It’s typical for the board to approve a 3 to 5% increase in expenses and income. After that budget has been approved by your board build a second budget.

    In this budget include 5% raises for your staff, two new staff members and maybe new carpeting or equipment. Then build an income plan to accomplish this new budget.

    Begin to work and pray that God would allow you and show you how to accomplish this second budget. If you do make this second budget a reality, you can add those items into the new fiscal year budget plan.

    By building and planning a dream budget you will begin to move your organization into an amazing new growth cycle each year.

  2. Build a Vision

    I know you hear me talk about this all the time—but that’s because it remains true and powerful. Vision can and will move mountains.

    It has been shown that year after year 78% of this population of evangelical supporters give to a dream. When someone is inspired by a dream they are also more likely to share the story with those around them.

  3. Build an Attitude

    The ministry of the future will increasingly depend on the creativity of their staff to survive. The leaders of those ministries will need to find ways to retain their talented and independent-minded staff and set them free to do their best, most imaginative work.

    Pray and build a team that is fueled by an invigorating, completely unrealistic view of what they can accomplish. When you make an atmosphere that does not consider what can’t be done, everything becomes possible.

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