clip_image002For some people the idea of “Building a Great Team” sounds exciting—it may even feel very natural. For others it’s the worst thing they could imagine.

Maybe you have experienced it? Being part of a team can be awesome, especially if everyone is sold out to the mission and taking ownership of their part. However, if you have lived long enough, you also know that it can be really hard. Some people would prefer to never rely on anyone else to get their job done.

Working Solo Doesn’t Work

I myself have felt that way. I would rather control everything. I would feel more comfortable if my effort and work decided my destiny.

If I choose to live that way, it cuts my feet out from under me. Frankly, it’s not a realistic option. Life just doesn’t work as well when you try to live and work solo.

Maybe you are stubbornly holding on to the idea that you can do it alone, that you don’t need a team. But leaders, let me challenge you to consider teamwork in this light:

“A team is a group of people bound together by a commitment to reach a shared goal.”

I want to take that even further by adding:

“To lead a team is the highest expression of servant leadership. It forces you to be humble and to seek the good of the mission over your own personal rights and desires.”

Build Your Strong Team

See how a good team leader expresses servant leadership by:

  1. Creating a Sense of Togetherness
    Team means each member has a place and will reach for a common goal. Team members should understand they have a reason to continue and function. A healthy team has a sense of togetherness that prevents members and leaders from working alone.
  2. Empowering with Authority and Presence
    People will know if this is not real to you. I cannot stress this enough—you must be present; both physically and in belief. Your team will gain courage from watching you live it out.
  3. Being Under Authority Before Serving in Authority
    Pride is lethal and sneaky. It will keep a person from submitting to accountability. Submitting to accountability proves wisdom. And this leader’s desire for the realization of the mission will motivate him to accept accountability gladly.
  4. Recognizing the Work of the Team
    Don’t fall into the trap of only looking for end results. A good team is full of people that work hard. And many will go through periods of feeling tired. Always recognize the work of your team and speak openly and often of talents and gifts.
  5. Encouraging the Team
    Leaders challenge us to believe we can achieve something that seems improbable. What an awesome responsibility leaders have to help someone find the right place to invest their talents. There may be no greater joy as a leader than to recognize someone’s hard work and lovingly encourage them to stretch outside of their comfort zone.
  6. Facilitating Change
    As leaders, we rightly see ourselves as trailblazers. But sometimes we leave those we lead behind us, hoping they have enough inspiration to follow. Work to facilitate change rather than forcing it. Lead others into difficult situations and let them find their own way out. Walk alongside of them with advice but don’t attempt to do it for them.
  7. Letting Your Team Feel the Pain of Growing
    Your team will not be a one-dimensional people. They will come with baggage, fear, and their own past experiences. Expect it. Remember, Christ put you into leadership. And, because of that role, you get to help people stand strong against self-doubt. You get to challenge them to live the full potential of their lives and prevent them from taking the easier, more comfortable road of mediocrity.

You are a leader, called to great things. You are called to build up those around you to the greatness they were born to achieve! If you are called to lead, you are called to team. As you can’t escape it, my prayer for you is this: that building a great team becomes your great passion.

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