clip_image002Our finances can spark some of the greatest feelings of disappointment. I have been through some very difficult financial struggles. And not only did I fear being unable to provide for my family. I also felt the weight of what I perceived as failure.

There is a reason so many cite financial disagreement or stress for their divorces today. Finances have the power to bring something out of us that exposes our deepest fears.

Let me be clear, some of you may have already settled the role money plays in your life. This blog can serve as a quick pulse check to make sure you are still doing the things you are supposed to be doing.

But, for many of you, your finances remain mostly a private area. You don’t have people in your life willing to challenge you. Therefore, you don’t have the people in your life able to help you.

Here are some facts:

  • Jesus talked about money more than He did Heaven and Hell combined.
  • Jesus talked about money more than anything else except the Kingdom of God.
  • 11 of 39 parables talk about money.
  • 1 of every 7 verses in the Gospel of Luke talk about money.

Why Jesus Often Talks About Money

Why would Jesus, God’s Son, spend so much time talking about money? Even more curious, why would his followers spend so much time avoiding the conversation?

I believe the answer is this: If I want to know what matters to you—what you really believe, not just in idle talk, but in actuality—show me your bank account. We don’t talk about money because it makes our hearts naked. And we want to appear clothed in front of men and God.

Leaders that impact the people around you and ignite this world with passion and life—please look at your finances. If you follow Jesus, let me go one step deeper.

Answer these questions:

  • Do you believe God? Not just in God, but do you believe Him?
  • Do your finances prove it?
  • Are you obeying him in your tithe?
  • Are you generous as He leads you to give?
  • Do you use money to give you security, or do you believe the security you long for comes only from our God?

This is not about having a lot or a little. It is about faith. Please do not shut the door on this conversation. If you feel uncomfortable, that’s okay. In fact, it’s by design as tension spurs us to ask questions with life altering answers. Enter the tension.

There is one more thing in regards to our finances I want to caution you of. Finances can give us that immediate pleasure or relief that we spoke of earlier. Financial gain’s immediacy will tempt you to choose it over future potential.

Dr. John Maxwell defines success as “understanding your purpose in life, growing to your potential, so you can sow seeds that benefit others.”

Does money define you? Or if you are successful? If it does not, make sure you do not use it as an internal gauge to determine your own value. Do not sell yourself short for immediate relief or pleasure.

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