Jamie Clark

Jamie strives to help Christian ministries and nonprofits grow income and move toward their vision by applying solid, biblical, marketplace strategies to their daily operations. He believes that organizations succeed or fail based on information and desires to help Christian ministries create the information needed to flourish.

Jamie's Expertise

Growing up on the Navajo reservation as a 2nd generation missionary kid, Jamie saw from a young age the ins and outs of ministry leadership.

After receiving his degree in Broadcast Journalism from John Brown University, he has held successful positions in many arenas. Ultimately his career has been based around making the companies and organizations he worked for more efficient.

From his work in radio as General Manager of Olympic Broadcasters/Salem Communications to President/CEO of Cornerstone Radio group, he developed a depth of knowledge in this radio leadership that is vital to his current consulting endeavors.

However, his experience does not stop in radio. Jamie has held many other nonprofit and for-profit leadership positions. Some of these positions include Director of Business Development at One Touch Systems and COO of Grant Educational Foundation, where he developed and marketed a system to help public schools more effectively utilize existing computer systems. Jamie has also lead in the planning, directing and implementation of corporate communications within a large grocery store chain. Before joining Advocace, he was Project Consultant at CPS HR Consulting, where he helped develop and implement an online training system for government employees.

In Jamie Clark’s work at Advocace, he pulls from all of his experience over the past thirty-five years. Now, all of his expertise is put to great use coaching ministry leaders on how to create organizational systems that will ultimately allow more freedom for the ministry to grow!

Jamie’s Family & Hobbies

Jamie married his college sweetheart, Cynthia, forty years ago. They have three grown daughters and six grandchildren.

In his free time, Jamie enjoys spending time outdoors, especially when he can be skiing. He is also a carpenter and says his remodel work has been a great reminder in life to "measure twice and cut once"!



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