Jeff Crabtree
Senior Consultant

Jeff loves getting the opportunity each day to help ministries, whose work revolves around making much of Christ, grow their funding. He realizes that our leadership at work is no different than the rest of lives—we are broken and in great need of someone to come alongside us and help steer us in a more positive direction.

Jeff's Expertise

Jeff has been on the board of several nonprofits, ministries and churches. He has also held several corporate company management and leadership positions, becoming successful within each. Jeff’s professional experiences come together to help leaders of Christian ministries and organizations do more than they could have done otherwise.

Becoming a Christ-follower at the age of thirty played a significant role in Jeff’s career that drove him to making a pretty dramatic change. Because he has seen the stark reality between a world in darkness and a world in light, it led him to move from a corporate environment to Christ-centered companies.

Over the past twenty-five years, Jeff has worked with companies that help Christian ministries, including the last ten years serving alongside the Advocace team. With Advocace he comes along brothers and sisters in Christ to encourage and motivate them in the areas of development and leadership.

Jeff’s Family & Hobbies

Jeff married Carol, “the girl next door”. They have been married for forty years, have four children and eight granddaughters. He loves to scuba dive any time he gets a chance, enjoys skiing the slopes and is also a P90X devotee.


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