The First Year All KCBI's Revenue Channels Are Performing at 100%


A nationwide decline in listeners and supporters started to take place for Christian, listener-supported radio stations. Matt Austin, Vice President and General Manager at KCBI-FM, knew they needed to “crack the code” by becom[ing] more intentional about its music programming and developing connective on-air personalities, while maintaining its brand regarding rich Bible teaching. And they did just that by growing from 150,000 listeners to 400,000 listeners in the last 6 years.

KCBI-FM has been blessed with a strong team of smart leaders, so their revenue generating areas have been successful, but plans were made internally…their goal was to have someone speaking into their plans to be sure they are the right plans and for course correction.

Matt said, “We chose Advocace primarily because they agreed to a customized version of services they do well. I am not getting a ‘one size fits all’ plan. We bring problems we want solved to Advocace and then Advocace provides solutions, often based on the data they have from the research projects they commission. But, it’s also delivered through the voice of experience and wisdom. The art without the science, or vice-versa leaves out ½ of the equation. I like analyzing data, but clarity comes through the lens of experience, which I get from Advocace.”

Advocace has partnered with Matt Austin and KCBI-FM in a couple of specific ways.

Matt said, “[Advocace] provided good counsel on the timing of EOY mailings, as well as finding the most effective ways to target specific kinds of donors.” Also, KCBI was getting ready to add a new Business Relations Director in the past year. They had some strong candidates from some of the largest Christian Radio groups apply, and yet hired a lesser-known Director from a small market who has since broken every Business Underwriting record at the station. [Advocace] was instrumental in vetting candidates and helping find someone who is both passionate about our mission, and capable of great things,” Matt said.

“Very simply, we are on track to hit every single revenue metric this fiscal year. While our revenue has always been respectable, our goals for impact are higher than ever, which means our support goals also are the highest ever. This will be the first year that all channels are performing at 100% or higher and Advocace has played a role in that.”

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