KTSY: Frustration To Fruition

The Problem

“Change or die.”

Caught in the middle of the economic financial crisis, KTSY found themselves in a time of frustration and desperation. The station had recently decided to expand their ministry and its reach but now saw those dreams crumbling under the weight of the struggling economy.

The Solution

About a year later Brian Yeager, Station Manager at KTSY, was introduced to Advocace. Tremendous growth and a deep collaboration made a strong impact, allowing the station to see the change they desired.

“Getting someone outside of the radio element was good,” Yeager expressed. He went on to say how the station needed ideas and resources that were outside the box of what radio stations normally do. They found that expertise in the Advocace team.

Passionate Leadership

Brian excitedly told about his passion for seeing people in ministry roles who love Jesus becoming trained and skilled leaders. He constantly connects Advocace with different organizations and station managers, desiring that leaders overcome their fear of allowing others to help them with what they do not know. Yeager said, “If we’re going to do any damage to the gates of hell, we have to get smarter than we are.”

Brian says it was “either change or die” when they brought Advocace into the conversation. “[It is] validating that we made the right choices, exciting because we’re on the right track and moving forward.”

Put the Advocace Advantage to Work 

If your organization needs a plan with proven results to jump-start a development campaign, Advocace can help.

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