See How KTSY-FM Finds Hidden Major Donor Gems

 KTSY Logo“There was a certain level of time wasted because I was chasing the wrong people,” says Brian Yeager, General Manager of KTSY. Then, DonorCompassSM began helping Brian decide “which donors to put first priority straight out of the gate”.

Developing the Right Relationships

DonorCompassSM, Advocace’s Wealth Screening tool allows Brian and his team at KTSY to develop a strategic Major Donor plan. Brian said, “This year, I’m looking forward to getting data back. It’s another tool I use to develop the right relationships…”

With DonorCompassSM, KTSY discovers and develops relationships with donors who can provide major support to the ministry. These donors help them move forward their mission to “move people to experience God living inside them, stirring in them His passion to change the world.”

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Finding Hidden Donor Gems

KTSY recently ran an on-air fundraising campaign where they received many $2,500 gifts. DonorCompassSM is helping them evaluate those gifts and plan how to best follow up with each donor, setting the stage for powerful partnerships.

“The biggest benefit for me is the ability to know who my hidden donors are and to know my active donors’ potential,” Brian commented. “There have been deep investing partners we would have missed if we hadn't dug into our data. It costs money, but it’s worth it because we get that money back by talking to the appropriate people.”

Find Your Hidden Donor Gems

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