Major Gifts Lead to Growth for Your Ministry

"[If not for] for Advocace I wouldn’t be as well versed about formulating relationships with major donors." -Tanneka Guice, Orlando Union Rescue Mission


Major Gift Strategy

Advocace guides you and your team in understanding the biblical foundations and delicate major donor relationships. Advocace's IPOC (Individual Plan of Care) helps leaders of nonprofits handle these relationships, tending to them as individuals, helping them understand how exactly your organization needs their help. It's not just about asking for their gift, but just as importantly, thanking them well. You can assure them that they are appreciated by letting them know how their gift impacted your ministry.

Major Gift Relationships

Alongside your team, we create a plan to build a strong relationship with each donor and keep track of the ways you interact with them individually. Advocace helps you understand how and when major donors give, and why they desire to be involved. Our simple to implement and easy to review methods prove successful time and time again. Ultimately, they help you retain and grow your donor database. 

Major Gift Training

With Advocace’s Major Gifts Program, your team will receive biblically-grounded, practical, hands-on training. This training helps sharpen skills, promotes intentionality and creates accountability across all levels of leadership in your nonprofit. Ultimately, with these systems in place, your ministry will raise more funds from a growing pool of major donors.

Major Gift Coaching

Our Major Gifts Training leans on our coaches’ decades of real life experience in fundraising and development. These coaches encourage leaders to pursue clear goals, driven by powerful and personal motivating factors.

Even great athletes and corporate leaders have coaches. A coach holds the position of an objective and knowledgeable person to help raise performance to the next level. This is what Advocace's coaches can do for you. We understand that your ministry is unique and desire to come alongside you to support your vision. Advocace's coaches support your vision by helping you prepare for and practice donor calls, but our coaching doesn't stop at the door. We will see the preparation and practice through by accompanying you in the field, encouraging you, and reviewing the call afterwards. 

Major Gifts, Major Impact

Call Advocace at (972) 304-1100 or request your free coaching call about how to make a major impact in your ministry by growing your Major Gifts Program.

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